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What makes it worth writing about this? Well the thing is, with this new reference driver nVidia has changed the installer, it’s no longer
using their old Installshield setup meaning the current command line switches will not work anymore.

What I’m not too fond of is that both nVidia and Ati (now AMD) provide no real explanation for proper command line switches to deploy these drivers.
My friend at nVidia sent me the internal document containing the entire command line switches and some other stuff.

Here are some of the general parameters for installing these drivers;

“[installerpath]\setup.exe /n /s /i /k /passive /noeula /nofinish”

Note: The above command will not work, it’s just a list of some of the available commands.

A short explanation of the parameters:

  • /n – This is the ignore reboot switch (will not reboot your pc after the driver has been installed).
  • /k – This is the force reboot switch (whether a reboot is required or not, your pc will be rebooted).
  • /i – Do not show welcome/reboot, but show package selection UI if needed and progress.
  • /s – Silent install, will not show any UI.
  • /passive – Passive install, this will not ask for any user input, but will show you a progress window.
  • /noeula – Allows you to skip the accept/decline EULA page.
  • /nofinish – Skip the summary page.

Well that’s it for now, I figured this was a nice post to start with, if you find this information useful feel free to check out my blog once in a while.

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