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While I’ve actually worked and toyed with computers for most of my youth, I didn’t really turn it into my job untill much later. I always tried to keep it as a hobby instead. But while working in some complete different sectors from weapons to construction, I realized that I wouldn’t find my dream job there (I still don’t know what that would be, since there’s always a few “what if’s” going around by that little voice). But since I actually started to make my work out of my hobby, I enjoyed it a lot more. I worked for a Systems Builder where I was responsible for OS deployment and OS customization.
Currently I’m employed at the Leiden University Medical Center as a Systems Administrator where I work a lot with ConfigMgr, MDT and Exchange.

Since I usually needed to keep the “OEM” perspective, instead of the enterprise side of the administrator workloads I tended to stumble upon things that I usually cannot find an easy solution to. This blog is mostly just to document these cases, share various tips I find helpfull to others and as a reference point for myself. I’m not a very frequent blogger, but I try to at least make them somewhat elaborate. I also spend quite some time on the TechNet forums to see if I can help anyone there having trouble, my default “hangouts” there are the MDT Forums; Windows 7 Installation, Setup and Deployment and the Setup Deployment of the server forums. Last year I’ve been awarded with the Microsoft Community Contributer Award 2011 for my efforts on the TechNet forums.

I’ve created this blog originally a while ago, but couldn’t really commit to anything at the time since I was too busy with work, and even so any blogging here will still happen in my off-time :). I started on wordpress, then moved on to sharepoint 2010 and then went back to wordpress. While I really liked sharepoint 2010 as a product, I simply don’t have the spare system resources to run it at the speed that I would want it to run. This entire blog is hosted on a Hyper-V machine on one of my two servers, which I mostly use as a development environment. The only thing that is rather limited isn’t the actuall hardware running things, but my 5Mbit upload connection. In due time I’ll upgrade to at least a 10Mbit upload line though.

In my spare time I either try to study, post on the TechNet forums and occasionally I play a game on my PS3. My PSN nickname is Gardienforce feel free to add me :). Thank you for taking a minute of your time to take an interest in me. If you have any comments, or questions feel free to drop a comment or send an email.

Below you can see my certifications up to this moment, while I have more product knowledge then just these things, I have yet to find the time to get certified for them all. I’m still planning on getting my MCSE Private Cloud, MCSE Desktop Infrastructure, System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and Exchange server certicifations. Somewhere down the road I still want to do the Cisco track as well at least down to CCNA/CCNP, this ensures that I always stay on top of product knowledge.

MCTS for Windows Server 2008R2MCTS for Windows 7

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