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Automatically determine target OU from Computername with powershell script for MDT 2012 U1 / ConfigMgr

In this post I describe how I use a powershell script to automate the domain join process in MDT/SCCM to the correct OU based on the comptername. While installing operating systems, software and troubleshooting the installation processes are one of the things I really enjoy doing, it frustrates me when I see a poorly implemented […]

Configuring WindowsRE with MDT 2012 Update 1

Updated @ 04/05/2013: Updated script files to include Domain Joined scenario. I still need to update this post to reflect all the information in this post. Important note: Thanks to the feedback, an issue has been found when using Windows ADK and deploying these task sequences, I’ve finally pinpointed the cause of the error and […]

Configuring Windows 7 Recovery Environment with MDT 2010/2012

Note: I’ve revised this topic to include a task sequence for MDT2012 at http://www.stephan-schwarz.net/?p=123   This post will give a more in-depth explanation how to properly setup the Windows 7 Recovery Environment. Quite some time ago I helped someone on TechNet forums the to set this up, however I never really gotten around to clean up […]

Install Windows XP Home Edition with MDT 2010

Since I recently posted pretty much everything that needed to be done to get this working properly on TechNet forums, I figured I might as well write a proper guide for it now. I can imagine that some are like “why would you even want to?” well, it’s rather simple… there are still end-users who […]